The Demand For Digital Skills Is Growing

n Italy, the demand for digital skills and more qualified India Phone Number professional profiles is growing. The world of work is undergoing a profound transformation and being familiar with digital technology. Mathematical and IT methods are now one of the essential factors for more. Then one out of two hires. With a high degree of 62.5% of specialist professions, 58% of executives, 53.9% of technical professions, and 49% of office workers. The ability to use mathematical and computer languages ​​and methods. For 51.3% of the income of executives and for 50.3% of those from specialized professions. On the other hand. The searches for professional profiles capable of applying 4.0 technologies have a lower incidence (36.3%).

The gap between supply and demand is growing

The Excelsior 2018 report by Unioncamere and India Phone Number Anpal put it in black and white, which highlighted how technological development is also affecting the skills required of workers: «In the future, more than 9 out of 10 profiles will be required to digital skills. Added to this is the growing search for qualified profiles », underlined the President of Unioncamere, Carlo Sangalli. The Excelsior Report shows, in fact, an increase in the need for executives, specialists, and technicians, which reaches 19% of the total revenue planned by companies in the industry and services (over 4 million and 500 thousand, in total), highlighting the trend that sees an increase in the demand for more qualified professional profiles (compared to the previous year there was a decrease of 3 percentage points in the share of entries for unskilled professions, which stood at 15%).

Among the top 30 difficult-to-find profiles, those in the India Phone Number electronics. Information technology supply chain presents different degrees. Of specialization while software analysts and designers. Energy and mechanical engineers stand out at the top of this category. There are also installers, IT equipment maintainers, repairers, and electrical welding specialists. In addition, nineteen profiles concern technical professions in the industrial sector (electrical technicians, electronic technicians, mechanical technicians) and in the services sector (insurance agents, programmers technicians, real estate agents).

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