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Three seconds. This is the time you have to capture your prey. According to Kiss metrics, 40% of visitors will leave a site if it takes more than three Panama WhatsApp Number seconds to load. And, in reality, you only have two seconds. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. How many visitors will you lose if your website loads too slowly? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars are you going to lose? page speed load time (image source) There is the old adage… “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” –Andrew Grant Well, your website speed is your first impression. Your visitors pass instant judgment on your business. If your website loads quickly, you’ve made a powerful first impression. This is the psychology of persuasion.

Speed Affect Conversion

When we talk about page speed, conversion rate is at the heart of the matter. A slow-loading website encourages people to leave before they’ve even given you a chance. According to research from Hub Spot, a one-second delay in page speed leads to an average 7% decrease in conversions (which would cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales every year!). And while 7% isn’t the highest percentage you’ve ever seen, even if that translates to 10 lost losses every month on a slow website, that could be $10,000 or even $20,000, depending on the quality of these tracks. Look, every website is going to leak leads – there’s no perfect conversion rate.

Improve Your Website

Panama WhatsApp Number
Panama WhatsApp Number

But losing leads because your website takes 3 seconds to load instead of 2 seconds? This is just plain silly (we’ll talk about how to fix your website loading speed in this article). Does Page Speed ​​Affect Your Google Rankings? Google Search Google has admitted to being “obsessed” with speed. Obviously, their mission is to make sure the internet is full of useful and easily accessible information from fast websites. Over the years, Google has released information about loading speed and search rankings. Google takes website loading speed into account when ranking websites, which they announced in 2010! But, according to them, this has only a small weight. “Although site speed is a new signal, it does not carry as much weight as page relevance. So if your server is slower than two seconds, Google might have a harder time pulling your latest pieces of content or updates. Which can, in turn, hurt your rankings.

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