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Codes or single-use virtual credit cards. At least this is reflected in the recently published world innovation index 2017. Prepared jointly by cornell university / usa). The insead business school and the world intellectual property organization (wipo). None of the countries in the region appear among the top 25 in the world in said report… Not even among the top 45. The highest position in the world ranking is occupied by chile (46). Followed by costa rica (53) and mexico (58). The list evaluates each year the situation of 130 economies taking into account a dozen parameters. From spending on education to the levels of investment in development. Countries “we measure innovation based on institutions. Human capital and research. Infrastructures. Relationships.

The creation of knowledge Netherlands phone number and creativity.” francis gurry. Director general of wipo. Tells bbc mundo. For the seventh consecutive year. Switzerland once again tops the world rankings. It is followed by sweden. The netherlands. The united states. The united kingdom. Denmark. Singapore and finland. Listcountries and that reflects. According to wipo. An “innovation gap.” “lag” and opportunities “there is a gap in innovative capacity between developed and developing countries.” the report reads. “and it is observed that the rate of progress in research and development activities is mediocre.

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Both at the state level and at the company level.” frances argues that innovation “is the engine of growth” and calls for more investment in this field “to promote human creativity and economic performance.” “efforts to bridge the innovation gap must first and foremost focus on helping emerging economies understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie and on creating appropriate policies and benchmarks.” says soumittra dutta. In conclusion, Dean of the school. Business from cornell university. Countries 2 in this sense. There are latin american countries that have improved but have not managed to obtain a prominent position. And helping to understand what they fail. Without a doubt.


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Can become crucial. Gurry says that some “opportunity areas” in latin america are investment in research and development. In conclusion, But above all education. “especially science and engineering graduates.” “enabling environments in which creativity is promoted is also essential and this is not being addressed particularly well in the region.” explains the specialist. In addition. In conclusion, Gurry says that they must be able to improve the “conversion of their resources and efforts into productive results”. Above all. In the creation of knowledge. The strengths but it’s not all bad news. “the scores for the economies of latin american and caribbean countries increased an average of 2% compared to last year.” explains gurry.

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The australian lawyer. In conclusion, Who has headed wipo for six years. Says that chile. Mexico and brazil and some other countries in the region are “important innovation actors.” in that sense. Mexico stands out for its infrastructure and the “sophistication of its financial market.” and it is also “an active contributor to global value chains. Including high-tech sectors.” chile. In conclusion, For its part. Is particularly strong in institutions and in its business sector. “it is fifth in the world in enrollment in higher education and that shows its strength in areas such as credit and business density.” says the expert. According to gurry.

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