The Key Points to Know to Ensure Its Integration

In her conference given as part of the Tech.Rocks Summit 2021 event , Amélie Boucher, consultant and UX design coach at Ergolab , focused on the subject of Benin WhatsApp Number design integration in tech companies. While competence is increasingly internalized within organizations today, the speaker deciphers 4 key concepts and shares her best practices.

The Design Culture

A company’s design culture is fundamental. Amélie Boucher affirms that design leaders consider it to be a founding element in the successful integration of a design team. However, companies too often associate design with decoration or perceive it as a superficial element. It is to this extent that it is essential to establish a culture of design.

To let this culture interfere in a tech company, the consultant identifies two ways to proceed. This can go through evangelization, which designates acculturation through discourse. But for Amélie Boucher, this strategy is not enough. It’s more about betting on acculturation through the project, and showing by example: how we practice design and the results we can achieve. To illustrate this diagram, Julien Hillion, senior lead product design at qonto, explains that it is a question of “taking a project to make it a working standard” .

A Functioning in Ratio

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The speaker stresses, however, that it is impossible to mobilize designers as so many look-alikes. Thus, expertise and seniority matter. Moreover, thinking in terms of ratio is a good basis, but not a guarantee. Amélie Boucher invites companies to measure the impact of design by focusing on observing. What the design team delivers, how it impacts metrics, or what changes have been made to design quality and usability.

Several Organizational Models

hybrid: this model results in 1 product designer per product team, but also the presence of a pool of experts. This organization offers the possibility of welcoming experts specialized in a particular discipline.

The Collaboration

Companies must pay particular attention to collaboration, and in particular allow the designer and the developer to understand each other. For the consultant, this understanding, but also sharing and acculturation are key notions. To optimize this collaboration, there are two pitfalls to avoid: reserving the design to the designers and thinking that collaborating is a waste of time.

Collaborating means teaming up and involves both working together, but also getting to know each other, supporting each other and advising together when a project is underway. For the consultant, collaboration also makes it faster and it is imperative to favor this bias at the right times, especially at the start and end of the project, which are particularly important.


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