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A new report released today by kantar millward brown reveals that fewer than one in seven ads are designed to convey a strong emotional message that consumers absorb. Quickly. The new report. Make a lasting impression. Draws on analysis of kantar millward brown’s database of 160.000 evaluated ads to demonstrate how understanding the factors that drive engagement can make advertising more effective. Advertising with high creative impact. Achieved by emotional engagement. Results in significant improvements in market share expected in the short term. Kantar millward brown also examined post-campaign sales in 1.700 cases.

And the results of the analysis Brazil phone number showed that a strong focus on emotional relevance and creative engagement leads to financial growth. Similar results have been demonstrated using facial coding (the system 1 neuroscientific approach). In conclusion, Which has been used to access the expressive response of consumers to advertisements from more than 9.000 established. Medium and large brands. The top 25% of ads that generate facial expressions perform much more powerfully in terms of incremental sales. At the same time. The report also studied advertising broadcast on television. Pre-roll videos and social networks for one week. In conclusion, the results showed that only 15% of ads are based entirely on implicit messages that people can easily absorb. Daren poole. Global brand director.

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Creative development at kantar millward brown. In conclusion, Commented: “marketers need to go beyond the message and focus on the impression they want the ad and the brand to make as a whole. This encompasses the creative idea. What is said in the ad. How the story is told. And the emotional tone. It’s time to stop selling product features: it almost never works. Show; do not count”. Make a lasting impression highlights five main areas for strong creative development. Including: 1. Make a meaningful impact: kantar millward brown’s decades of brand equity and tracking work have highlighted the power of being meaningfully different. Advertising needs to dramatize the purpose of the brand. What the brand lives by. Its point of view and its values. Campaigns like always #likeagirl not only deliver compelling content.

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Not against the brain. In conclusion, ads that engage people creatively and emotionally perform better than those that convey explicit messages. Which viewers tend to dismiss. Working like the brain also means limiting the number of messages transmitted. Analysis of over 1.000 ads found that where a single message was included. 30% picked up on the same message. While when a campaign had three messages. Only 14% stuck with the main message. 3. Good stories make an impact: stories are a key strategy for engaging consumers with the real power of a brand. Despite this. Very few brands incorporate them into their communication. Kantar millward brown researched 14 markets identifying kenya. The united states and india as those with the most story content.

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With more than half of the ads containing narrative elements. However. In the majority. Even where there was a story. They still included explicit messages about products or services. 4. No brand. No impact: even emotionally engaging ads need branding. Particularly in the digital realm. Where sometimes you only have a few seconds to make an impact before ads are skipped. Kantar millward brown’s 25-year baseline shows that highly branded ads generate stronger sales effects; 68% of these types of ads cause an increase in sales in the short term. In conclusion, Versus those with low branding where the increase in sales is 53%. 5. Use the right channel. In conclusion,using the right channel goes beyond identifying where your consumers watch content. It also means identifying the places where they are most receptive.

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