The loneliness of the community manager.

More and more companies are looking for France Phone Number community managers, without finding them. But what the duties of the community manager do not seem to be clear. If you look at the frequency with which ads searching for this figure appear on Linkedin. It seems that this is the profession of the moment. Reading them all, however, one realizes that this figure has at least porous borders. Of him in the face of experience and a fee that is not always adequate.

Strategy first, then the community

The resulting impression is that there is not France Phone Number much clarity on the role of the seeker, which is then reflected in the work they actually have to do. What often happens is that a community manager is hired with the tasks of launching a community and making. It grows without building the conditions and context that allow him to actually do so. According to my experience gained in these years of training, a consultancy. As if the task of growing the relationship with its stakeholders was his business.

First because, often, he doesn’t know the community strategy. The community manager France Phone Number should have the role of managing the community, enabling it, and not defining the business objective, the value that the community shares, the actors who are part of it, and what they do together. All these aspects the community manager should receive from the organization and it should remain up to him to put them into practice. It happens, however, that some community managers even struggle to explain to their bosses what the difference is between the public and the community and to the question: ” what is the value that the community shares ?” they can’t answer because no one has ever asked the question.

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