The loneliness of

 Otherwise, it makes no sense to gather around a value proposition word community that is on everyone’s lips today. It seems that every company, startup, association, group has its own community. If it really Afghanistan Phone Number were that way it  would be nice. citizens would show more confidence in them; innovation would once again take shape in companies and not outside them. Author of Community Economy The loneliness (Egea 2020) and Collaboriamo (Hoepli 2013)

The loneliness of  the community manager

Also, the community manager is only because he often doesn’t have a budget. I happened to make a training offer to ahead of the community (therefore the head of the community manager or the team that Afghanistan Phone Number manages it) who had only a very low budget available to organize events and hoped that, thanks to the pandemic, managed to save a little and invest them in training. Often, in fact, the community manager does not have a budget to create content, experiment with different communication formats, reward members, to organize moments of co-planning.


Because that’s what a community does. And if this is also what your interlocutors do then call them a community. He founded Collaboriamo, an organization that offers research, consultancy, and support on new digital business models applied to profit and non-profit companies curated Afghanistan Phone Number Sharitaly (the first event on the sharing economy in Italy), and created Community Toolkit, a method and a set of tools for organizations that want to develop and grow communities. You have gained professional experience as a digital media strategist at various agencies, you are a freelance journalist. To find out more:

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