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With this option. Spotify continues to move forward to be more important in messenger chats by improving its internal functions. Last april. The music service introduced a ‘bot’ in messenger that allowed you to share 30-second clips with other contacts in the chat. Sokhrates. This is the name of the first social network that wants to save the planet. It hopes to achieve this by allocating 70% of the income it obtains from advertising to finance environmental projects. Protection of the rights of children and adolescents. Prevention of gender violence. Education. Culture and health. Among others. Projects that. In addition. Choose and vote for the same users.

Photo 1 “social networks are Italy phone number a new way of doing activism and they serve to unite millions of people from all over the world who want to change things but don’t know very well how to do it.” explained the spanish marta esteban. One of the creators of the project and manager of sokhrates. During the presentation of the social network in colombia. According to her. It is an altruistic social network. Which allows the dissemination of projects that are good for the planet and gives them resources so that they can become a reality. The idea is that all users who register get some virtual coins (sokhrates coins) by posting content. Sharing it. Liking or receiving likes on their posts.

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And then they can decide to which of all the projects that the social network has accepted – presented by the same users. Organizations or groups of civil society and evaluated by a team of experts – they give their coins. Those who receive the most coins keep the funds raised by the social network through advertising revenue. The user does not donate anything. He doesn’t have to. Photo2 the network began operating last april – its global launch will be on july 1 in madrid – and it has already managed to finance a project in nepal. For the reconstruction of one of the villages destroyed by the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that left almost 9.000 dead and another 22.000 injured.

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On april 24. 2015. It works like facebook. You have your network of friends. Your private chat with them. A wall to share or publish content. The option to show that you like something. Next november they hope to have an application for ios and android and they will soon launch a virtual store. “if we got just 1% of all active users on facebook today and if those million people made a single post. A single post a day on sokhrates. We would have the funds to finance many projects that could change the world.” he says. Esteban to cnn in spanish.

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“we could allocate about 100 million dollars to fund our causes. Clean our oceans. Do something for the refugees. For the children. For the animals that are becoming extinct.” “until now. The big social networks have generated millions of revenues that have been used for private profit. Why not use them altruistically now?” he asks. At least one part: 70% of the money they get from advertising will finance humanitarian projects and the remaining 30% will go to the operation of the platform.

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