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Even if it is not always easy to measure the extent to which a purchase has been initiated via Facebook. The value cannot be underestimated.  value is mainly in the versatility with which you can use Facebook, but certainly also Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Think of sharing fun content, often we see or hear. interacting with your followers or, for example, giveaways. But make strategic choices regarding channel and content depending on which target group you want to reach.

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Get an army of affiliates Affiliate marketing is indispensable. It is also something that you should do right or better not do. For those often we see or hear who don’t know yet, affiliate marketing is actually partner marketing. That is, you seek partners who promote your products, often in exchange for a percentage of the profit. In this way you can put an entire army to work in a Ivory Coast Phone Number short time to sell your products to you. Three examples of networks you can go to to provide. The technology for your affiliate marketing program: Daisycon, Tradetracker and Zanox.

How does the Mere Exposure Effect work

As soon as you have made a choice for the network that best suits your online store, you will receive a piece of program code that you can build into your website. For example, this is a pixel in an image or banner that links to the affiliate network. You determine the commission percentages and then you set up a marketing campaign. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that you invest a lot of time in building and maintaining contact with your partners, for example through special promotions such as a bonus or giveaway.

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