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Today at 10 p.m.. They will be able to see a production that cost more of two million dollars. Produced by young people with a new proposal for national cinema. After five years of production and due to lack of initial support. He had to shoot the film 3 times. The final version was able to have the expected support from the beginning. Although the technical and artistic efforts were “by vocation” until the end. Diego said that this was born in 2011. When he spent two months at the university and retired. Wanting to make a movie. Tirelessly seeking financing that he could not get.

There was no luck with Greece phone number the producers either. So they went to work alone as a team. Generating resources in other tasks to be able to make the film. This is how they remade it three complete times. Always falling the project in the end. Then. In 2014. Diego went to new york to work as a photographer and days before returning to chile he decided that he had to do something about his film. That’s where he meets devon jackson. An american producer. Who agreed to make the film. There began to develop the final version of the film that can be seen this wednesday night. At that time. Moved only by motivation. They decided to work together and make the recordings in chile and the united states.

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Also supported by the chilean alejandro ubilla. That same year he began to optically modify a camera. To record in 65 millimeters. Which is a much larger format in visual terms. It was an optical simulation procedure that was also an invention of the los angeles filmmaker. Brilliant. The film it is about a screenwriter who has a creative block. Which prevents him from finishing his scripts. So he goes to a teacher who contacts him with a student. Who tells him that the characters in these scripts should be the ones in charge of finishing them. From that moment on. There are many stories that begin to take place in chilean and north american cities. Real locations of the filming.

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Where interesting characters begin to become part of the story. Expectations “what we want to achieve is to generate some type of financial compensation for the investors who believed in this project.” “the rest of the technical team. That is. Those of us who manage the initiative. Pursue an ideal of offering something new”. Commented the young director in the newspaper la tribuna. “we see this film as the baptism of this cinematographic trend. So the expectations do not point to a giant success either. But rather it has to do with culturally inserting itself into the audience.” he declared. “sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to be able to make changes. Because i’m not the only one.

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I have many acquaintances making films and they don’t have support. Chile has an impressive number of talents that cannot stand out. Because the doors are closed by the interests of some institutions”. He says that they got together with many other important production companies in chile and the united states such as fox and warner and different cinematographic and cultural entities. But they did not want to support and they do not know the reason. But they accept that it is their right. Prepared public there are many people who along this path have learned about the history of the film. Its form and also seen the different ‘trailers’ that are available on social networks.

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