The Newsjacking Of Brands On Social Networks

Therefore,As the controversy swells around the iPhone 6 Plus folding after a few days of use, brands are taking the opportunity to newsjack around what is now called the BendGate. Summary: KitKat’s reaction to the BendGate of the 6 Plus Kit Kats don’t bend. They break! Heineken quips Apple and its latest iPhone 6 “Don’t panic Apple, it happens to us Israel Phone Number List the time.” The Dutch community manager of Heineken chose the tone of irony to do newsjacking with Apple’s BendGate. Smartphone brands also react to BendGate If brands like KitKat or Heineken had a great time. Apple’s competing brands did not hesitate to take advantage of this buzz to do newsjacking and thus get people talking about them.

iPhone 6 bows to Galaxy Note 3 BendGate Samsung iPhone 6 Plus VS Galaxy Note Edge. Folded VS Beveled Screen As if Samsung had not surfed. The BendGate trend of the iPhone 6 Plus is enough with its photo of the Galaxy Note 3, they are doing it again by taking the opportunity to promote their latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note Edge, which has a bevelled screen on its right side. Therefore,  LG takes the opportunity to promote its LG G Flex Our smartphones don’t bend, they are naturally curved. Which by the way is a real commercial flop… Therefore, EDIT: LG finally took down his tweet, the Community Manager had sent it from his iPhone, which caused many reactions on social networks …! Crosscall warns you

Kitkat’S Reaction To The Bendgate Of The 6 Plus

Crosscall Bendgate This is what could happen to you if you try to twist a Crosscall cell phone! The reason for BendGate? The twisted iPhone 6 Plus! iPhone 6 Plus Twisted This photo of the iPhone 6 Plus. Is the result that many owners of Apple’s latest iPhone have obtained after a few days of use. This is also the result that a Youtuber tried to reproduce by carrying out his own BendTest himself. The iPhone 6 Plus bend test on Youtube He explains at the start of the video that his iPhone 6 Plus was already slightly bent even before performing the BendTest that you can observe on the video. Note however that despite the fact that the iPhone is twisted, it remains perfectly usable at the end of the manipulation. Is the iPhone 6 Plus really fragile?

If we are to believe its various tests, the iPhone 6 Plus does not seem to be the most resistant of smartphones in this range, this being partly by its aluminium shell of finesse. Therefore, To believe that you will have to buy shells of this type to protect the iPhone 6 Plus and not risk folding it at the first opportunity. To physical displays whose share of text must remain limited for them to be effective How to create a dynamic display? To create a dynamic display, it is best to turn to a specialized agency that knows the sector perfectly and knows the formats that work correctly and those that are the most effective. Depending on your sector, you will either have to opt for a dynamic video display or a gallery-type display of animated images. How much does digital signage cost?

Smartphone Brands Also React To Bendgate

For each dynamic display, the price is according to several criteria: the place where the advertisement will be. The size of the digital dynamic display, the duration of the display. The type of screen used and the number of selected digital billboards. In most cases, digital signage will not be free but you can of course. Therefore, If you own your shop or business, set up digital signage for free on your own by installing. Television and broadcasting your own advertising video spots that you will have taken care. To put on a USB key and connect to your television. Which screen for dynamic display? There are many types of screens compatible with the delivery of interactive advertising displays.

The best known and widespread are none other than large. Therefore, TVs installed in portrait format in shops and shopping malls. Still not very widespread but in strong expansion, there is also. A format that will exploit a system of assembled micro. LEDs which will make it possible to create immense dynamic advertising displays, capable. Of competing with any banner or physical advertising panel. A very good example of this type of new generation. Billboard is the one set up  Veepee on its flagship building in Paris. Who needs a dynamic screen for display advertising? There are many potential customers. Therefore, Shopping malls, traders, large companies with large premises, agencies with storefronts, etc.

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