The perspective of human beings. And even the subsequent discussion of video

The perspective of human beings. And even the subsequent discussion of video, criticism of video, and research on visual culture. All focus on human society. In scientists at Bell Labs in the United States proposed a new idea  make my computer read photos. The problem is not just a transition across media, but an inversion of the very nature of the image. Since the development of images. The media that carry images become thinner and shorter, ranging from tin plates. And silver plates, glass plates, paper and even celluloid. every photographer, scientist, entrepreneur, and engineer seems to the same.

The improvement of the image carrier is ambitious

However, after the carrier has reached the film South Africa Phone Number negative, can there be a next step? Revolutionary technologies in the digital age seem to have brought new solutions, allowing scientists to digitize ideas. The world’s first digital image appeared. Russell Kirsch, a computer engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. used the first-generation computer.

However, Machines are good at processing data, so the method at the time was to quantify the original image into data that the computer can read. The reason why the human eye can distinguish colors in reality is because the cone cells in the human eye can distinguish different colors. The photoreceptors at that time could only sense the intensity of light bright and dark and The wavelength of light color rendering sensed. The first generation of digital images were black and white.

On the road to the improvement of digital images, scientists and engineers have always wanted to turn black and white images into a color world. However, due to the development of photosensitive elements, in addition to improving the image quality, the overall image is still monotonous. This point we can ask a question. I convert my old black and white photos to color. Let us return to the composition of color.

The colorful world seen by the human

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The  presented by the combination of the visual signals formed by the three primary colors of light entering the cone cells. While a color photo is formed by superimposing the three primary colors of color.

Therefore, if the photos of the early silver salt era are to be converted into color photos. it needs to be done three times; that is, the images of red, yellow and blue are exposed separately. and the negative films of the three colors are superimposed on a color photo through post-production. . In fact, color photos came out earlier than we thought.

However, in the era of black-and-white analogies, such color photos were too time-consuming and material to process, so most photography at that time was Teachers and subjects prefer black and white photos instead. Don’t forget that there were some zealots going around saying that photography would take away the soul, not to mention the effect of color photography on them.

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