The production standards of Xiaohongshu graphic content

But,Every expert who can get traffic on Xiaohongshu must. Be a Talen who understands romance, knows P pictures, like, and has aesthetics (the people who are reading. Xiaohongshu put the right words in the comment area!!!).

As,Don’t let students with low aesthetics be responsible for the content of. Xiaohongshu This classmate will become the main obstacle to ROI. If there is really no classmates with aesthetics online.So, Who can be responsible, hand it over to Party B. Well said in the comments section!!!).

2. Please connect with beauty

No matter what the tone of your brand is. It must be linked to beauty, perhaps in terms of vision, maybe in expression, in short, please be linke with beauty! ! !

Don’t be down-to-earth, don’t shoot casually, the atmosphere of the. Xiaohongshu community will be strongly controll, and everything that is not beautiful and beautiful. Will be hit across the board and long-term. A good community atmosphere is the keynote of Xiaohongshu’s community.

If it is another public account, it may tell you that the picture should be made into a series of very reasonable routines such as strong contrast, prominent text, and appearance of real people/objects/scenes (as shown below).


I think these methods and methods are all probabilistic issues. You may not really have an effect if you follow this format, but if you are beautiful, you must not make mistakes, and if you are not beautiful, you must be wrong.

Let me give you a few examples of what can be called beautiful pictures:




These articles are all brand cooperation advertisements. There are no fancy routines and skills. Some of them only have high aesthetics contribute by experts, and the data results are also very good.

So,If the talent you work with has the ability to produce beautiful pictures, please give the talent space to create, do not Albania Phone Number fix the composition and the picture to be displayed, there may be unexpected gains.

3. About the image ratio

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The standard image ratio is 900×1200. This size is the most standard official default size, and it is also the size that Xiaohongshu users are most accustomed to.

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