The Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorders

Whether you want to record your screen for a tutorial training or other, you will need a tool that allows you to do it in a few clicks. As long as you do you might as well take advantage of this feature for free. That’s why we offer you our selection of the 5 best 100% free video screen USA Phone Number List software. Summary : How to record PC screen online? Top 5 Free Video Screen Capture Software Screen Recorder the Google Chrome extension to film your screen. The first tool we have to present to you is simply an extension for Google Chrome . It is called Screen Recorder . The advantage of this one is that it will not only allow you to record your web browser. But also your desktop . You can even capture your webcam video at the same time if you want, and system sound.

It is clearly the ideal tool to record a training or a meeting on Google Meet for example. The resulting file will be uploaded directly to your Google Drive space so that you can easily find it with just a few clicks. Of course it is a completely free tool. Screen recorder: the Screen Recorder extension Screen recorder: the Screen Recorder extension OBS the open source. PC screen recorder OBS is an Open Source software well known in the streaming industry in particular. It therefore allows you to capture video broadcast live on Twitch. YouTube or even Facebook Live. But that’s not all ! It also offers you the possibility to do classic video recording without worries. For free software OBS is still very complete .

Obs, The Open Source Pc Screen Recorder

Thanks to its API you can simply install extensions and scripts to customize the software as you wish and add features to the interface. This tool has a strong community of developers who give it even more life. Moreover OBS offers you several editing tools to configure your video and audio recording . Obviously. The Open Broadcaster Software screen recorder works thanks to its donors and sponsors such as Facebook Nvidia or Twitch for example. Last advantage, it is available on Windows, Mac and Linux ! So you no longer have any reason not to use OBS. It is therefore logically one of the best free screen recorders on the market. Video screenshot with OBS Video screenshot with OBS iTop Screen Recorder. The unlimited video recording app Top Screen Recorder allows, as its name suggests. To make video screen capture very easily. It has the particularity of offering 2 different applications.

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1 online and 1 locally . The first, online, is limited to 2 screen recordings per day and the quality degrades above 10 minutes. Videos can only be downloaded in Web format, which is quite restrictive depending on what you plan to do with them. The second, locally, is much more advanced. Its interface will allow you to record in 12 different formats , including AVI, MP4, GIF, or MOV. This version also takes into account your webcam. If you want to capture your head at the same time. The screen recording time is unlimited and even allows you to edit the video. On top of that you can choose the quality of the recording, up to 4K according to them. If you know of others that might be of interest to everyone, let us know in the comment space or on our social networks .

Record Cast, Video Screen Capture For Computer

Screen recording with Top Screen Recorder Screen recording with Top Screen Recorder Record Cast, video screen capture for computer Then. We can mention Record Cast among the free video screen capture software. It gives the possibility to do everything from your browser like Screen Recorder, the first tool we saw. Thanks to it, you will be able to record your screen during a tutorial, a meeting, a webinar and even full screen gameplay. Even if it is used directly from the browser its use is not limited to the latter. The limit of this tool is that the screen recording should not exceed 30 minutes and the format is necessarily in Web M . Too bad there are these limits otherwise he could clearly have placed in our top 3. Screen recorder: Record Cast Screen recorder:

Record Cast AZ Screen Recorder, the screen recorder for Android For our last tool, it’s important to look at video capture for mobile device users. With AZ Screen Recorder you will be able to record your Android phone screen very easily . When you use the application, you manage the recording from a small floating bubble on the edge of your screen, it’s very practical. The interface is of good quality and allows you to access relatively advanced settings for a mobile. However, the downside is that the free version is a bit too limited. Still, it’s a good start for simple screen recording. Capture video on Android with AZ Screen Recorder Capture video on Android with AZ Screen Recorder If you need a tool to edit your video rushes, discover our article on this subject. Top 20 Best Free Video Editing Software You now know the best software to capture your screen.

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