The Un Is Concerned About the Working

They are called “clickworkers”, these little hands paid a pittance by large web groups to do repetitive tasks, which machines cannot yet perform. The tasks are diverse but always thankless: cleaning databases, moderating Croatia WhatsApp Number Facebook content, training AI, downloading and rating apps on stores, clicking on links… This “gig economy” is also sometimes decentralized in very poor countries where labor costs nothing.The study published by the International Labor Organization of the United Nations is the first on this subject, which is nevertheless a phenomenon of great magnitude. The Amazon Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, Clicworker or Prolific platforms bring together between 45 and 90 million workers.

Psychological Suffering

These workers are expose to a gigantic amount of violent and/or traumatic content, and suffer from pot-traumatic stress. The study recalls that YouTube used only humans to verify. That the 8.3 million deleted videos did not respect the rules of the platform. A titanic and infernal work. Work rhythms are also very difficult: 43% of respondents. Work at night, 68% between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. because they have another activity. ilo2 On the salary side, the average is $3.31 per hour and goes up to $4.43 per hour for the better off. These figures show, according to the study, that a significant portion of workers earn less than the minimum wage of the country where they reside and work.

Miserable Salary

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To top it off, part of the work is unpaid: connecting to platforms, reading and understanding statements, accounting, etc. Contrary to popular belief, digital labor is common in developed economies, and not just in poor countries. Many students and unemployed people in the USA, for example, are present on these platforms. Although it may seem contradictory, 88% of click workers would like to work more, in order to increase their salary. According to the UN study, this type of work is set to continue. And networking platforms should take up more and more space.

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