Things to Check Before Publishing

WordPress is an exclusive content management system that offers a beautiful way to publish your blog posts. However, you need to do basic research and spend hours preparing your article. This is the only way to post outstanding content that stands out from the crowd. As a content writer, there are a lot of things you need to consider before Qatar WhatsApp Number List hitting the publisher’s publish button. We have prepared a checklist for you to check the things to check before publishing posts in WordPress. Contents Checklist for Publishing an Article in WordPress 1. Do Keyword Research 2. Use an attractive title 3. Add a meta description 4. Structure your content 5. Add media to your post 6. Check Keyword Density 7. Use an appropriate CTA 8. Proofreading content 9. Assign Category and Tags 10. Show metadata

Checklist for Publishing

There are billions of blogs available on the internet and Google will easily return thousands of results for any search query. You need to write content that stands out from that crowd and ranks high in Google. Finding the right keyword or phrase is the first step before you start preparing your content. Keyword research Remember, it doesn’t make sense to set your keywords too high. For example, instead of defining your keyword as “dog,” you should refine your search and focus on keywords like “caring for dogs in winter” or “buying dog food in Texas.” This will help you narrow down the reach of your article and focus your content around keywords.

Add a Meta Description

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Qatar WhatsApp Number List

You will get high quality targeted traffic from search engines as users land on your page looking for a specific solution. It is easy to sell your products or promote affiliate products to the targeted users. Therefore, fix your target keyword first before you start writing the long content. There are many SEO tools and plugins available to help you find the keywords. For example, you can use Google Trends to compare and find the most popular keywords. Alternatively, you can use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find the keywords your readers are using to land on your site. 2. Use an attractive title Search engines display titles in results pages. So, an attractive title can get a high click-through rate compared to a lackluster title. Be sure to include your focus keyword in the title.

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