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SiteGround has migrated its hosting interface from cPanel to custom site tools. In our previous article, we explained the pros and cons of site tools. If you are considering purchasing a hosting plan or are already using Portugal WhatsApp Number List SiteGround, here are the things you should consider using. We have listed the features available for the GoGeek plan, although some options may differ and not be available in lower tier plans. 22 things you should be using in SiteGround Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Force HTTPS Try the starter kit Backup entire site Move site location Ultra-fast PHP PHP manager Ngnix caching SuperCacher and SG Optimizer Serving WebP images.

Install Let’s Encrypt Ssl

All SiteGround plans come with a free SSL certificate option from Let’s Encrypt. The first step after installing WordPress or another application on your domain is to install the SSL certificate. You can do this by going to the “Security SSL Manager” section of your Site Tools account. Install SSL Install SSL 2. Force HTTPS Let’s say you installed WordPress on In order to avoid this you need to enforce HTTPS at domain level so that both with and without www open with HTTPS protocol. In your Site Tools account, go to “Security > HTTPS Enforce” and enable the option. Force HTTPS in SiteGround Force HTTPS in SiteGround This will help you troubleshoot mixed content warning issues especially when using AdSense or any other ad script on your site.

Back Up the Whole Site

Portugal WhatsApp Number List
Portugal WhatsApp Number List

You can also force HTTPS from the SG Optimizer plugin instead of enabling it from the hosting interface. 3. Try the WordPress Starter Kit When you install WordPress, SiteGround will offer you the option to use the WordPress Starter Kit. This will install the WordPress Starter plugin and allow you to choose a beautiful theme from SiteGround. If you’re new to WordPress, we recommend using this feature so you can set everything up in minutes. SiteGround WordPress Starter SiteGround WordPress Starter 4. Back up the whole site Do you know that you can backup entire WordPress site including files and database with just one click? SiteGround automatically backs up the entire account, but you can also manually create backups. This is useful when you plan to make big changes like a theme change or installing big plugins like WooCommerce.

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