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services, you can contact idwebhost which has hosting and domain promos every day. Regards!over time, while studying seo, sooner or later, you come across a term called serp, or search engine result page. We are usually familiar with the google search results page. Serp is the page that google and other search engines display to show users search results. Serp consists of organic and paid search results.

serp display on each user can be different. This can not be separated from the many Greece Phone Number factors relevant search results run by google. For example, where the user lives, search history, social media used, and other settings. Google users in indonesia and australia may get different serps when using the same keywords.

Serp itself is important for seo. The reason is obvious, because the goal of all seo efforts is to place a website in the serps, more precisely in the top positions for organic search results.

One way for your website to appear in the serps

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is to take advantage of the features of the serps, namely featured snippets and rich snippets. Have you heard of idwebhost friends?

In this article, we will share with idwebhost friends about the difference between rich snippets and featured snippets. So, read this article to the end, ok?

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1 difference between rich snippets and featured snippets
1.1 what are rich snippets?
1.2 importance of rich snippets for seo
1.3 how to show rich snippets
1.3.1 1. Selecting markup specifications
1.3.2 2. Determine the content type
1.3.3 3. Identification of required properties
1.3.4 4. Develop markup data structure
2 featured snippets

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