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Get Free Consultation 5 Steps to Measure Content Marketing Roi Through Goal Transformation Visit Your Analytics Account and Follow Us. Step 1: Determine the Cost to Know Your Return, You Need to Know How Much You Have Spent. This Step Is Easy . All You Have to Do Is Add Up All the Costs of Creating, Promoting, and Building Links to Your Content . for Example, If You Hire a Writer to Create an Article, It Costs $ 500, and You Spend $ 200 on a Paid Promotion for That Article, the Cost Per Article Is $ 700. Then, If You Spend Two Hours Outreaching Your Email to Further Promote and Build a Link to That Article, That’s Also Costly Filling or Another Action as Your Google Analytics Goal Conversion, Rename the Column to Reflect This. for Example, This Column Shows Lead or Form Fill. Then Divide Column C (Subscriber)


Determine the Amount

Simply Multiply the Billable Rate by Lebanon Phone Number the Number of Hours Spent Promoting the Article. So If You Charge $ 150 an Hour, Add $ 300 to the Cost of the Article for a Total of $ 1,000. References: Beginner’s Guide to Creating Content Marketing Strategies Google Analytics Goal Achievement Process and Goal Creation: Step-By-Step Guide the Ultimate Guide to Linking Building and Content Step 2: Download the Reverse Target Path Data Now We Are in Google Analytics. Go to Transform »Goal» Goal Path . How to Measure Roi2 in Content Marketing Note Once You Have the Reverse Goal Path Data, Click the Export Button at the

Lebanon Phone Number

Top of the Page to Export

It to a Csv File . Put This in Your Google Sheets Along with Your Pageview Data . You Will Get This in Step 3 Below. How to Measure Roi3 in Content Marketing Step 3: Download Page View Data Then Go to Behavior »Site Content» All Pages . How to Measure Roi4 in Content Marketing Type / Blog in the Search Bar to Filter the Content to Show Only Blog Posts. If the Blog Post Url Doesn’t Contain “/ Blog”, You’ll Need to Manually Filter It. Download This Data to a Csv File as You Did in Step 2. Step 4: Calculate Conversion Rate and Profit Finally, Grab the Two Downloaded Csv Files and Merge Them into One Google Spreadsheet. Create Four Columns. Position Unique View Subscriber Conversion Speed Note: If You’re Using Form

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