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Google chrome is arguably one of the most popular browsers due to its high performance. It also has many features such as password manager and extensions that allow users to do more than just view web pages. However, this Ghana B2B List convenience comes at a high cost as working with chrome consumes a lot of cpu and ram. Hence, affecting the performance of other applications and overall system performance. This can cause your computer to freeze, crash, and increase battery drain. Luckily, there are quick fixes you can try to fix the problem. This article introduces different ways to reduce memory and cpu usage of google chrome. Reduce chrome memory and cpu usage update chromium update chromium work with fewer tabs remove unnecessary apps and extensions monitor using task manager stop background apps enable hardware acceleration reset chrome.

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Keep your chrome browser up to date google regularly updates the chrome browser. To fix bugs and add new features that improve user experience. In order to take advantage of the best performance levels of chrome, it is important to update your browser to the latest version. Chrome browser updates automatically when you connect to the internet. However, if you encounter any problems during the update, you can update manually. Access the chrome customization menu in the upper right corner of the browser window and click on the “help” option available at the bottom of the menu list. Choose “about google chrome” to check for updates. About chromium about chromium chrome will automatically check for new updates and install them. 2. Keep fewer tabs open chrome offers great tab management features. However, when you have many tabs open on the browser, it will generate more load on the computer cpu and memory.

It can potentially minimize

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Ghana B2B List

cpu and memory load. To close a particular tab, click the “x” on the tab or use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl + w” or “command + w”. In windows. You can also close multiple tabs at the same time by right-clicking on a tab and then selecting the option to close all other tabs or the tabs to the left of the selected tabs. Unfortunately, this option is not available on the chrome mac version. Close tabs close tabs 3. Disable unwanted apps and extensions one of the many advantages of the chrome browser is that it offers a wide range of extensions and web applications. These extensions and apps help you get things done much faster.

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