How to Boost Employee Productivity with

Realizing that staff efficiency is the foundation of any business, company leaders are looking for ways to boost employee productivity and help the team work smarter. With so many people working from home and companies moving to a hybrid model, this becomes an even more pressing issue. Fortunately, with modern technologies, it can be addressed with online training or and here’s how.

New Employee Onboarding

A new hire overcomes a long thorny path of integration in a company and, without a well-functioning onboarding process, it can take a new employee month to feel comfortable and become productive. By moving onboarding online, you can significantly speed up this process. You only need to create an onboarding course once and then assign it to all newcomers.

A common onboarding course Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number includes a brief overview of the company — its history, mission and values, corporate culture, an overview of the products/services provided, as well as a clear description of the employee’s new role and expectations. Some organizations, especially working in strictly regulated industries like manufacturing, finance, insurance, and transportation, also include compliance training in the onboarding program.

To create an onboarding course, you don’t need to be a tech geek. There are some authoring tools, for example, that allow you to build courses easily from ready-made templates. Moreover, with iSpring, you can do this in the familiar PowerPoint interface, as the toolkit works as a PPT add-in.

After your online course is ready, you can upload it to your LMS and enroll new hires. Most progressive LMSs like iSpring Learn allow you to automate the enrollment process. You just need to set the rule once that sends all new hires to the “interns” group and assigns them to an onboarding course immediately. With an LMS, your employees will be able to take an onboarding course whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. You just need to determine the dates when the program should be completed.

As you can see, will not only help employees become productive faster but will also relieve managers and supervisors of a good part of mentoring tasks they would otherwise have to perform.

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Regular Assessments

Remember your school days: if a teacher says there will be a test during the next class, you feel more motivate to prepare for the lesson properly. This modality is also relevant for adult training. When an employee knows that their knowledge and skills will be assesse and results will be examine by the management, they are more stimulat to learn. And the more skill a person is, the more effective and productive they are at work.

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