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Marketing professionals must always be ahead of trends! But it happens that they are behind in certain areas, especially in the case of e-sports. Indeed, this field has exploded in recent years. There are nearly 4 million. French people who have already watched an e-sport competition. In 2017, the League of Legends game garnered more than 50 million Finland Phone Number List worldwide. Nowadays, the public is doing everything to avoid advertisements, whether on the internet or on television. People want a personalized experience above all else and it is important to listen to the needs and demands. Of the target audience, especially in its marketing strategy. Summary: Why should brands bet on esports?

e-sport competition Esports competitions draw ever-increasing crowds. E-sport is a booming market: proof of this is the huge prize pools in competitions, such as that of League of. Legends in 2018 which amounted to almost 7 million dollars shared between players. Many brands have already taken the plunge: among them. Coca-Cola has gone even further and launched its esports channel on Twitch. Coke Esports. It even organizes specific tournaments, such as the one on the FIFA 18 football game. As the market is constantly growing , this is a particularly interesting way to target Generation Y or Z. Burger King, Wendy’s, Honda, all these big names have decided to sponsor teams in games like League of Legends or Fortnite.

Why Should Brands Bet On Esports

This technique allows them to broadcast short advertisements on multiple platforms. Twitch, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook… How to create your marketing strategy? First of all, it is essential to identify your target audience. This is one of the basic principles of any marketing strategy, but it is also essential in this case. Indeed, there are many e-sports fans. But they don’t all like to follow the same competitions! Just as you could not designate your target as being a “sports fan”. You must identify a particular target in e-sport. Focusing on a particular game is therefore essential. To be able to reach this audience, it will also be necessary to use the right platforms.


In the case of esports, that’s obviously Twitch and YouTube, although Facebook has tried to get into streaming. Like some brands, creating a dedicated channel can be a real opportunity to create a link with your audience. Of course, sponsorship remains the number one objective. The industry is still young and new games arrive every year in this growing market. The opportunities are therefore multiple and the audiences diverse. A brand can therefore create its own team or go through an agency to sponsor an existing one. It is true that it is less risky to go through an agency that can also offer marketing services and help the brand stand out. Values ​​specific to e-sport These games are a new trend: fans are therefore grateful.

How To Create Your Marketing Strategy

And do not hesitate to thank the brands that help their favourite teams gain visibility. But this audience is also uncompromising: esports enthusiasts. Will not hesitate to punish brands that are only halfway involved or who only come for the purpose of short-term gain. Altruism is an extremely important value in esports and brands. Should not only aim for brand recognition, but also the sincere desire to grow esports. It is, therefore, necessary to be part of this environment. To find its place so that the marketing strategy is natural and successful. Otherwise, the backlash may be harsh from the esports community! Video games are an increasingly popular activity and the video game. Industry generates ever-increasing turnover! It is therefore not surprising to see this global boom in esports.



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