Top 4 Backlink Checker Tools

Building and sustaining a successful website depends on many factors, including building high-quality backlinks. Now, having those backlinks is never enough. You should also monitor them regularly for optimal Brunei B2B List performance of your website in search engines. Initially, having as many backlinks as possible will easily get you a good ranking. However, with the frequent changes in search engine algorithms, the number of backlinks matters less now. Instead, the quality of backlinks is what matters. It is a very difficult task to check the quality of your backlinks without consulting the tools that are intended for such tasks. These tools help you evaluate your backlinks as well as those of your competitors.

Backlink Checkers

There are many SEO tools in the market but Semrush has to be one of the best, if not the best SEO tool. It contains a robust range of tools to use with a backlink checker among them. Moreover, it has a huge database, which is updated daily. This makes it the perfect platform to assess your website’s backlinks. Moreover, Semrush also allows you to analyze the links of your competitions. This gives you insight into how to improve them in search engine rankings. Related: How to Do SEO Analysis with Semrush? How to use Semrush to check backlinks profile? Go to the Semrush site then log in to your account if you have one or create one if you don’t. After logging in, you type the name of the website in the search query and hit enter. SEMrush home page SEMrush home page.

Verify Backlinks

Brunei B2B List
Brunei B2B List

This will load all the data on the website and then you go to the backlink tab on the left side to check your backlinks data. There will be information about all links, including nofollow and follow links. You can choose which one you want to display. SEMrush Domain Overview Report SEMrush Domain Overview Report If you discover bad backlinks, you can add them to the disavow list using the “Plus sign” on the right. SEMrush backlinks profile SEMrush backlinks profile To use Semrush to analyze your competitors’ links, you can do so by clicking on the “Add competitors” link. The site allows you to set up four additional competing websites.


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