Top 7 Cdns for WordPress

Improving page load speed is one of the important factors in search engine optimization. Caching and optimizing content delivery can dramatically improve Italy WhatsApp Number List your website speed. WordPress has free plugins like W3 Total Cache and premium caching plugins like WP Rocket for optimization. However, the choice of content delivery network is outside the scope of your WordPress installation. Therefore, you need to look carefully before choosing the best CDN for your WordPress site. Contents What is CDN? CDN integration with WordPress Best CDN for WordPress 1.Cloudflare 2. Stack Path (MaxCDN) 3. Jetpack – Site Accelerator 5. RocketCDN 6. Amazon S3 and CloudFront 7.

What Is Cdn?

Before going further with the list of CDN providers, you must first understand what is a content delivery network (CDN)? Most WordPress sites use static files such as images, videos, CSS and JS files. Every time a user opens your website, all those static files have to be served from your hosting server. This can be an easy task when the user and the server are in the same geographical location. However, this is not generally the case. Most web hosting companies are based in the United States or offer servers in one of the US states. When an Australian user opens the site hosted on the US server, it will take a few seconds on the network for the static files to reach the user.

Cdn Integration With WordPress

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Italy WhatsApp Number List

It may even delay more depending on the internet connection speed of the user. Along with the delay in page loading speed, your web server will face a lot of load to serve the files for every request all over the world. CDN caches your site’s static files and serves from the location closest to your user. This will help you in the following ways: Reduce page load speed by serving static files from the nearest server. Save bandwidth of your hosting server as CDN servers will serve cached content instead of communicating with your hosting server. Some CDNs also offer a firewall and filter malicious bots to protect your site from hackers.

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