Top 8 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers

Many people think blogging is an easy alternative to the 9-6 job. However, after a while, it is not possible to grow your blog alone. You need to outsource Azerbaijan B2B List your work and content writing is one of the easy tasks for this purpose. You can hire writers through your site or using third-party marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. The first step to accepting content from freelancers is to check if it is free of plagiarism and does not infringe copyrighted material on other sites. While you can use Google search to check plagiarism for smaller phrases, you need reliable tools to check articles for completeness at once.Even if you write content yourself, well-written content doesn’t deserve to be tarnished by the black mark of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tools for Bloggers

Grammar Copycatted Que text Duplicate checker Copyleaks Small SEO tools Search Engine Reports. Prepostseo Before using plagiarism checker tools Remember that copying content is evil. Digital theft is a growing problem for original content creators. It is no different than stealing physical products or money from others. These tools can help you check for duplication. However, all of these tools basically use their own database, Google Search API or Bing Search API to check for similar content on the web. Simply copying content from another site and changing “is” to “was” to pass plagiarism in these tools makes no sense. Unfortunately, 99% of freelance content writers will do this copy work. Therefore, use these tools for a preliminary check.

Search Engine Reports

Azerbaijan B2B List
Azerbaijan B2B List

Take more time to check the originality of the article by searching Google search for similar articles before posting to your blog. 1. Grammar As a blogger, you need no introduction to the Grammar tool, it’s most writers’ best friend. Most authors have known the Grammar tool as a grammar checking tool, but it’s much more than that. It has many additional features among which plagiarism checker. As a blogger, it’s the perfect tool to get your content check for originality.There is a free online version of the Grammarly plagiarism. Checker that you can use quickly. However, the downside is that it will not show you which words or parts of the content are actually plagiarized and which are not. To get this additional report, you will need to subscribe to a plan.

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