Training to Support Companies in the Face

Coupled with, Computer security has become essential today in companies. If the hacks were originally the work of isolated whistleblowers or groups of hackers who attacked Bolivia WhatsApp Number organizations to challenge their image, the field has become more professional. Phishing is one of the biggest risks for businesses. Simple to set up for hackers, this sending of fraudulent emails is a gateway for ransomware, computer viruses that encrypt data. In like manner, A ransom is demanded in exchange for a decryption key to recover access to his information system.

Solutions to Protect Companies

To protect themselves against these threats, organizations, whatever their size and sector of activity, must be as vulnerable as possible. ” A company may continue to be the target of an attack, but if it is up to date with its software. If its infrastructures are secure and hardened, and if it has a control system in place. It will be more difficult for pirates to get through the cracks. Even if the human cracks in front of a phishing operation. Not to mention, The protection and defense mechanisms will take over to protect the company’s data “, explains Clément Michel, account manager of YesWeHack, graduate and speaker at CESI , who trains students in cybersecurity professions.

To Identify Their Own Flaws

Bolivia WhatsApp Number
Bolivia WhatsApp Number

companies need internal resources. “ The problem is that we see a shortage of talent in this field, both at national, European and international level. To deal with the lack of consultants or engineers specialized in cybersecurity. The bug bounty represents an alternative to traditional approaches and tools. For example, the YesWeHack platform references more than 30,000 cybersecurity experts, selected according to their ethics, and capable of identifying vulnerabilities at the heart of computer systems (applications, servers, infrastructures, etc.). ” They will access test programs provided by our customers.

This approach, which has existed since the 1980s, was popularized by Big Tech. (Microsoft, Apple, etc.) In the light of, with rewards of up to several hundred thousand dollars for identifying the most critical. Flaws in their systems. “ Each client offers the bonus they want depending on the sensitivity of the scope and the time spent to resolve it. In 2021, the average amount of a premium was 450 euros. Beyond the financial aspect. This activity allows experts to keep their knowledge up to date, which is essential in this sector.

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