Troubleshoot Keyboard Issues on a Windows Pc

As the primary input device, the keyboard is one of the most basic hardware components of your computer. Therefore, if your keyboard is not working, it may be difficult to perform even basic tasks such as logging into South Korea B2B List your Windows PC. In this article, we will explain how to fix keyboard problems on a Windows computer. Topics Covered Common keyboard issues Troubleshoot keyboard issues on a Windows PC Troubleshooting keyboard hardware issues Troubleshooting Windows Keyboard Issues Run Windows 10 Keyboard Troubleshooter Troubleshoot keyboard driver issues Keyboard driver software update Uninstall and reinstall keyboard driver software Rollback the driver to a previous version Check keyboard layouts Replacing your keyboard.

Common Keyboard Issues

Keyboard issues are diverse, but luckily you can easily fix most of them yourself. This guide will teach you how to troubleshoot and fix some of the common keyboard issues in Windows 10. Related: How to Fix Graphics Card Problems on Windows Computer? Troubleshoot keyboard issues on a Windows PC Generally, if you have any problem with Windows 10, including keyboard issues, the first step should be to restart your computer. This can fix any temporary issues that may be preventing the keyboard from working. Troubleshooting keyboard hardware issues Check keyboard connections – Make sure the keyboard is firmly connected to the computer. If you are using a USB keyboard, try connecting the keyboard to another USB port to eliminate the port problem.

Troubleshoot Keyboard

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Turn on the wireless keyboard – If you are using a wireless keyboard, make sure the batteries are powered and in place and the keyboard is turned on. Test your keyboard – Test your keyboard on another machine to see if it works or use a spare keyboard on your PC. If the replacement keyboard works, the problem is with the hardware. If none of these options resolves the issue, continue to the next troubleshooting options. Troubleshooting Windows Keyboard Issues Your keyboard may stop working due to software conflicts within Windows 10. In order to rule out this possibility, it is advisable to test the keyboard outside of the Windows 10 environment. Go to the Windows 10 Start menu and click the Settings (gear) icon to open the Settings app.

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