Txt File for Your Google Ad Sense

Blogging has become one of the professions of young people thanks to pay per click programs like Google Ad Sense. There are many affiliate and advertising Uzbekistan B2B List programs available online. However, Google Ad-sense is the best reliable program especially for beginners. You need to understand the basics when starting a blog for Google AdSense. Adsorbent is one of those basics that we will explain in this article. Topics Covered Unknown frauds in advertising What is the Ads.txt file? Who found this Ads. txt file? Google AdSense and Adsorbent AdSense Publisher Reference How to fix the warning? Preparing the Ads. txt file File upload to your server

Unknown Frauds in Advertising

Advertising simply works when a buyer (advertiser) purchases inventory from a seller (publisher). However, there are intermediary exchanges or networks that facilitate communication between buyer and seller. As an inventory seller, you can work hard to get more revenue from your website. However, there are bad exchanges that can abuse your domain and sell your advertising inventory without your knowledge. For example, an ad network can show the advertiser that it will sell ads on CNN in real-time auctions. However, they really aren’t allowed to sell ads on CNN. In this case, they collect more money from the advertiser and display the ads on a different domain for a lower rate. This is an easy way to trick the advertiser with fake domain information in the automated bidding process.

How to Fix the Warning?

Uzbekistan B2B List
Uzbekistan B2B List

Contrary to what you imagine, this is a billion dollar fraud and the advertiser does not have the opportunity to check if the ad network has the proper authorization to sell ads on the domains. on which they bid. In order to prevent fraud in the world of automated digital advertising, the website owner may inform advertisers of the details of authorized networks that may sell advertising inventory from their domain. Website owners can upload a file containing the information of authorized digital sellers on their domain. This Authorized Digital Sellers or Ads.txt file allows anyone to view the details on the browser to get the details of authorized ad networks that can sell inventory on any website or app.

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