University And Recent Graduates, A Acontest With Enel.

After the previous editions, which had the aim Oman Phone Number of photographing. The state of digital skills of Italian university students, the project “The future is today. Are you ready?” of University2Business changes face and becomes “Disruptor Challenge.  Turns into a contest, designed to stimulate the creativity of students. Recent graduates, and to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, involving them personally. In the development of future scenarios. Disruptor Challenge participants will be invited to the final awards ceremony. Next December, where the finalists of the thematic contests will be able to present their project to the committee of digital innovation experts. Partner companies, journalists, and the public.

Generali, GI Group and Telepass.

Participants will be able to compete in 8 contests, in 4 different Oman Phone Number technological. Sectoral areas, created in collaboration with Enel for the Energy sector. Generali Italia for the Insurance sector, GI Group for the work sector, and Telepass for the Smart. In the mobility sector,

there are two categories of participation in the Disruptor Challenge. “Future Vision” requires the presence of a “visionary” article. Which, starting from data and trends, knows how to interpret them with originality, creativity.


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