Using the Predictive Audience in Google Ads

Just think: a ratio of 0.5 means that you spend 2 times more on acquisition costs than you ultimately earn back on a customer. Subscription revenue model metrics. Photo by Lukas from Pexels Also too high a value of LTV / CAC is not ideal. That may sound strange. You would say that Audience in Google Ads it is only nice when the LTV of your customers is a multiple (for example 20) of the acquisition costs. That is of course true, but a high LTV / CAC ratio also means that you are ‘missing money’. If you can acquire customers at very attractive acquisition costs (relative to their LTV), then there is a lot to be said for pushing the acquisition accelerator full and making a growth spurt.

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Always know what’s going on? Know where your opportunities lie in the field of marketing, communication and commerce. With the annual subscription Online courses you can learn Audience in Google Ads unlimited for €499. This way you know what is going on for 365 days and you are aware of relevant trends. Knowing more? The trend from analyzing to forecasting has been Malta Phone Number going on for years within Google Ads. From the smart bidding strategies to the performance planner. In the new Google Analytics 4, predictive statistics and predictive target groups are playing an increasingly important role.

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What are the capabilities of predictive audiences for advertising in Google Ads? What are predictive audiences? Just like predictive statistics, the predictive audiences are a new feature within Google Analytics 4 . Where we used to mainly use historical data to segment and retarget audiences, we can now also use audiences based on predicted data. For example, the machine learning behind Google Analytics 4 predicts which users are most likely to convert on your website. There are standard templates, but you can also create predictive target groups yourself. Some examples of applications for predictive audiences are.

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