UX Designer what he does and what are the skills.

Who is responsible for giving a logical structure to the conversations we have with home automation? Who helps users find whatever they want in the interfaces they use every day, on different devices? And finally, who helps companies maximize browsing time on their online sites? To all these questions, the answer is the UX Designer. Contrary to popular belief, the UX Designer is not a creative job but an engineering one. It starts, in fact, from the study of the target, to then create a strategy. Develop an interface that is on the one hand easy to use. At the same time, beautiful to look at.

What are the skills of the UX Designer?

Although it is not one of the new professions, it is, however, one of the China Phone Number most sought-after jobs both now and in the future: Linkedin, in its annual report in which it shows the trends of the world of work, has included the profession of the UX Designer since 2018 but in a few, if not the insiders, they know the dynamics of this profession that simplifies our life every day. To carry out an optimized work on the specific customer’s request, it is necessary to follow some steps that concern four main disciplines of UX Design: User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and UX Writing.

And the events of recent months have increasingly China Phone Number highlighted that UX Design. Will be one of the most requested professions precisely because. The trend of work is directed towards extreme digitization and therefore it is necessary to know. How to create digital experiences within human reach in which the center there are precisely the needs of users. The UX Designer deals with the study of user requests. The development of a logical and visual strategy. Finally, the writing part of the interface texts. His work is then delivered to the Front End Developer who takes care of the static part of the project, which is then entrusted to the Back End Developer who will make it dynamic.


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