We are moving towards a so-called cookie less future.

Do you know that? You have been on a website, you have not accepted the cookies, but you still see advertisements from the relevant website everywhere. That’s no coincidence. More than 80% of the cookie banners that you see on websites do not work properly. It gives a sense of control to the user, but that’s an illusion. What’s going wrong? Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The cause often lies in an incorrect configuration of the cookie banner. This does not stop cookies until permission has been given that they may be placed. The consequence? Cookies are placed regardless of whether or not you give permission.

On to more cookie-friendly websites

Incidentally, I have not yet mentioned the layout of a cookie banner. Previous articles like this and this one on Frank watching described this very well. some numbers The following insights emerged from a small survey (N=47) among marketers, entrepreneurs, product Nepal Phone Number developers and web builders: 90% think the GDPR is important and would like to comply with it. 27.7% think that the website fully complies with the AVG requirements regarding cookies. 61.7% have done something about the AVG, but do not know whether it is sufficient now and can therefore not say with certainty that the website complies with the AVG.

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Monitoring the website

There is therefore a clear gap between the importance of the GDPR and the ability of organizations to actually comply with it. No less than 93.6% of those surveyed indicate that cookies and the GDPR legislation are complex. People simply don’t know when you fully comply and how you can achieve that. Add to this that the subject is seen as very boring (34%) and time-consuming (23.4%). All this creates circumstances where organizations make an attempt, but are actually still in violation. Waste of time and effort. In this article I describe, based on a comparison, how and where things go wrong and what you can do about it.

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