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Which translates into more effective campaigns and optimization of investment. Thus. For example. Tv would require exposing the viewer 18 times to the same message to achieve the desired impact. Something that youtube would achieve with just 5 exhibitions duly oriented to the target audience. Brand building: quality impact if we talk about branding. A successful strategy does not end in positioning the message in the consumer’s mind: it must generate an impact on brand metrics. This includes critical metrics for corporate positioning like consideration. Attribution.

Brand association. And ad Denmark phone number recall. Generates a positive predisposition towards online content. Likewise. Thinking about a media planning approach beginning with the allocation of resources by prioritizing the most efficient medium opens a window of opportunity for brands when it comes to getting the most out of their investment. based on the content they choose to watch.

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And this has an impact on the attention of viewers. Thus. When the user proactively chooses to see an advertisement. His interest is more focused. Generating an effective exposure (and most importantly. Receptive) to the messages to which he is exposed. Efficient reach: knowing how to get there online video came to revolutionize audiovisual consumption. Generating not only new habits. But also a true redesign of the playing field. In this sense. The hyper-segmentation of content typical of online video platforms opens up endless options for brands to connect with users on their own terms.

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A reality that allows marketers to target their campaigns to much more specific audiences. Achieving a broad yet targeted reach. Kantar millward brown’s study revealed that while tv continues to be an attractive medium for reaching audiences thanks to its speed and wide coverage. Youtube is 2.5 times more efficient in generating reach4 considering the return on investment. 17-06-19 crossmedia ii 1 1 more interested consumers are not only synonymous with greater attention. But also with greater consumption time. Which expands the possibilities of connecting with them through online video. Thus. For example.

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Latin americans watch an average of 4 hours of video every day from different screens and with it countless opportunities for brands to be able to “converse” with a valuable and interested audience in a format with which they empathize. Considering the comparative advantages of online video versus tv in terms of impact on brand metrics and reach generation. Designing campaigns that include platforms such as youtube at the center of the strategy can be decisive.

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