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Although it is not a totally new change and simply returns the platform to the video format that has always been used in other social networks. They explained from the company that “in many ways. Opening instagram tv to more than just vertical videos is similar to when we opened instagram to more than just square photos in 2015. It allowed creativity to flourish and will increase engagement. And we believe the same it will happen again with igtv.” instagram listened to its users the company claimed to have listened to users who were waiting for this horizontal option to take advantage of the video platform and to those who already used it.

But preferred a more natural France mobile number way of uploading that content. This also sees a change for the production companies that bring televised content to the instagram platform. Who prior to this update. Had to figure out how to crop video so it would look good vertically. Let us remember that this announcement comes at a time when the popularity of its rival in the video application market continues. The famous tiktok. Which from the beginning has offered video in horizontal format and which. According to the businessofapps portal. Was the ios application most downloaded free in the first half of 2018.

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However. Despite the advances provided by new technologies. It is extremely important to always take cybersecurity into account. An area in which the country continues to do its duty. At least this is demonstrated by the report on internet security threats 2019 (istr). Prepared by symantec. Which places chile as the tenth country that received the most ransomware attacks. Within a list of 157 countries analyzed by the institution. . Secure data edited c how does ransomware work? This type of attack consists of blocking or restricting access to computer systems.

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And then demanding the payment of a ransom. To combat it. Firewalls or different antiviruses are generally used. Being the best tools to increase cybersecurity. Cyber attacks grow in chile at the beginning of the year. The efe agency showed that there was a 59% increase in cyber attacks in 2018. Leaving us very close to the latin american average. Which reached 62%. In addition to ransomware. Phishing (identity theft) is another one that is on the rise. In fact. In this type of attack. Which is more focused on users and not on companies.chile ranks third in the region. Only surpassed by brazil and argentina. The director of operations of cybershield . Carlos medina.

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Comments on this . Stating that “the simple act of setting up a us$2.000 firewall could prevent all your databases from being encrypted or stolen.” novared . An expert cybersecurity company. Suggests protecting all mobile devices with tools that use machine learning and sandbox-type technologies. In order to avoid being victims of attacks. In this sense. They affirm that precaution on the internet is fundamental: in the fight against cybercrime. 88% is prevention and digital education. And only 12% reacts to the attack. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users on whatsapp and messenger.

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