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Weebly offers different pricing plans for different geographies. The Performance plan is the highest plan for US-based users, while Business Plus is the highest plan for European users. Although there are few differences Mexico B2B List between the Performance and Business Plus plans, they have similar features. Weebly markets a business plan for sellers to increase their sales. That said, it is for business stores that want to sell products online and increase revenue. If you’re looking to buy a Performance or Business Plus plan from Weebly, here’s a review for you to check out. Throughout this article, we’ll use Business Plan for convenience. E-commerce stores The world of online e-commerce platforms is very competitive. On the one hand we have dedicated platforms like Shopify while on the other hand we also have very popular plugins for WordPress like WooCommerce.

E-commerce Stores

In total, Weebly offers five pricing plans for European users: Free, Connect, Pro, Business, and Business Plus. The first three plans (Free, Connect, and Pro) target content site owners, the remaining plans (Business and Business Plus) target online sellers. However, US users will see four plans – Free, Personal, Professional, and Performance. Below are the details of the Weebly pricing plans in the US and the Performance or Business Plus plan will cost you $26 or €30 per month when billed annually. Weebly US Pricing Plans Weebly US Pricing Plans In our opinion, the price of Weebly Business Plus plan is very high compared to Magento, Shopify or WordPress.

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Mexico B2B List
Mexico B2B List

For example, you can pay less than $10 to have a decent WooCommerce online store with superior user management. However, you need to continuously manage the store to protect yourself from security hacks. From this perspective, Weebly is a good choice for a multi-tasking business owner. You can just set up a store and focus on your business with less attention to site maintenance and security. General add-ons All Weebly plans come with a free domain valid for one year after registration. After a year, you need to extend the domain with Weebly, which can cost more than popular domain registrars like GoDaddy. Another option is to transfer the domain to GoDaddy and continue the renewal there or purchase a new domain from GoDaddy at first ignoring Weebly’s free domain offer.

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