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Weebly is one of the easy ways to build your website and keep your business online. However, this is no longer enough and you need to get traffic from search engines like Google. Without traffic, there is no point in keeping the Netherlands B2B List website online. And, one of the big questions for Weebly users is: is Weebly good for SEO? In this Weebly SEO review, we cover both the pros and cons of Weebly SEO features. Read ahead to decide which SEO features you’ll get with Weebly. Many Weebly users like to do search engine optimization themselves, at least until they gain traffic. We highly recommend this approach so you can understand how things work. That’s why we pay special attention to ease of use. We cover simple SEO features ranging from title tags to site statistics available in Weebly.

Benefits of Weebly

Here are the top 10 pros and 10 cons you need to be aware of when working on search engine optimization for Weebly site. Weebly has a simple and straightforward approach to setting page titles and page meta descriptions. You can configure the title and description under site settings as well as page settings. Setting up the title and description in the corresponding text boxes automatically creates the meta tags for the page. Weebly offers header and footer code sections for the entire site or for each individual page. Whether you need Google Analytics, Search Console, or any other script, you have full access to insert multiple verification codes on every page. The drag and drop custom HTML element plays an important role in letting search engines know what is important and what is not.

Focus on Keywords

Netherlands B2B List
Netherlands B2B List

You can add custom HTML code to pages, footer, or blog posts. For example, you can add H1 to H6 headings using an HTML element, which is not possible with Weebly’s default title element. Weebly sitemap generation is seamless and automatic. Once you submit the XML sitemap URL to Search Console or Webmaster Tools, you never have to go back. From there, you just need to create and publish pages in Weebly. The rest is taken care of for you. Automatic sitemap generation. Create or delete pages as you go. You are covered. Weebly offers a 500MB limit for free users and no limit for premium users. Weebly sites load pretty fast and you don’t have to worry about your site being uptime even if your site receives huge traffic spikes.

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