What Are the Different Versions and Release

Google Chrome is currently the most used web browser by internet users around the world. The browser is fast, secure and has a simple user interface along with other smart features built-in. Additionally, the Chrome browser Tanzania B2B List works on a range of platforms, including Windows, mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This allows browsing using Google Chrome on any device such as PC, smartphone, tablets and many other internet-connected devices. Related: How to Block Websites in Google Chrome? Google Chrome development process Since its introduction in 2008, the Chrome browser has undergone several upgrades as Google engineers work to fix bugs and add additional features. These continuous updates result in new releases of Chrome and several releases of the point release. Each new version comes with minor or major changes, there are often new features as well as bug fixes.

Release Channels

Google Chrome supports four release channels, namely: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. Each of these channels provides different versions of Chrome, ranging from the most stable and tested version to the untested and probably most unstable version. Users can run all four channels in parallel on Windows, Linux, and Android devices. This capability allows web developers to test new code on different versions of Chrome and adjust the code to adapt to upcoming changes. Through this channel, Google development engineers release the stable version of Chrome after extensive testing. Generally, most users are aware of the stable version of Chrome sent through this channel.

Chrome Beta Channel

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The stable channel is updated every three weeks for minor releases and every 6 weeks for major releases. While not quite as adventurous, stable Chrome is the safest and most crash-free, thanks to extensive testing in other release channels. To get the stable version of Chrome, visit the Google Chrome download page and click the “Download Chrome” link. Click “Agree and Install” to agree to the terms of service and begin downloading the installer to your PC. Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the on-screen plug and play instructions. Learn more about installing Chrome on Windows and Mac. The stable version will update automatically every time you connect to the Internet. This will help protect the browser and protect you from the latest threats. This is the final stage of testing updates before rolling out to a wider audience on the Stable release channels.

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