What Time Is The Community Manager Most Active?

What time does the Community Manager work the most in a day? Some think Community Managers live the good life spending their days on social media, but when is it really? At what time is the CM most active on average? Over Graph analyzed the connection data of nearly 10,000 community managers from all over the world thanks to its platform UAE Mobile Number Database produce very interesting data on the activity of community managers during the day. Peak CM Activity This graph groups all connections to the Over Graph tool by hours. Digestion, conducive to CM activity? Peak Community Manager activity Among professional community managers, the rush period seems to be around 2-3 p.m. after the lunch break!

Whether for moderation, planning publications or even interacting with its community on social networks , the CM seems to be the most active during these hours according to Over Graph. The CM is most active in the afternoon! Community Manager Afternoon Activity 25% of community managers work outside their office hours! Out-of-office CM activity Whether it is to organize a Live Tweet on an event that takes place in the evening or to moderate comments posted on a Facebook page outside office hours, nearly 25% of the community managers studied by Over Graph work outside office hours. 25% of CMs work more in the morning! Morning CM Activity 10% of Community Managers work at night! CM Night activity 10% of CMs are active in the evening!

The King Of Buzz On Social Networks?

Burger King is on the way to becoming a reference in the generation of engagement with its community, whether online or offline. Burger King’s social media strategy designed by the Buzzman agency hits the mark almost every time! Judge for yourself with the latest campaigns put in place… Summary : Burger King: the first comment without a like wins a menu! If the lot put into play with this post does not exceed a little more than ten euros. The commitment and the buzz of this publication are worth gold! Burger King Comment Without Like Only 2 days after the publication of this post. It has been liked nearly 2000 times, shared nearly 200 times, and generated nearly 6000 comments , not to mention the number of likes on all the comments… A great feat from the community manager behind this publication for Burger King!

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Offline: Brilliant postings in response to Tweets for new Burger King openings! Expert in online engagement, Burger King also knows how to do it with offline engagement. The proof with these two genius displays that react with Tweets from Internet users! For the opening of a Burger King in Lille: Opening Burger King Lille For the opening of the Burger King in Brest: Burger King Brest For the opening of the Burger King in Lyon: Burger King Lyon Tackle For the opening of a new Burger King in Paris. Burger King Paris For the opening of the Burger King in Reims. Burger King Reims Burger King is effective with its online publications on social networks but also with its displays posted before each new restaurant opening! Instead of simply reacting with an online response to a

The Facebook For Professionals Who Would Like To Dethrone Linkedin!

Facebook at Work is a tool that will allow employees to work together on projects. To discuss in real time via an integrated chat which will take the form of what is found on the “general public” version of the current social network. The service should initially be offered free of charge to companies from the beginning of 2015. It should also contain no advertisements when it is launched . Each company will have to register so that employees can then access the Facebook At Work platform. A Facebook for professionals without ads? According to the latest sources and information obtained by the. WSJ Facebook at Work should be offered free of charge and without ads, but for how long?

We obviously imagine that Facebook would like to be able to offer B to B advertising in the future with this new service. Something that it cannot currently do with its social network open to everyone. A new B to B offer to compete with Microsoft and Slack? New intra-company communication services have recently been launched . Microsoft with the integration of Skype and Lync in what will surely become Skype for business and Slack. A startup specializing in this field which was valued at nearly a billion dollars recently. Facebook at Work thus wishes to enter this new growing market halfway between the corporate social network and the collaborative work solution.

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