When Words Hurt As Much As Gestures!

The “Words Can Kill” campaign was designed by the Italian agency Armando Testa. Showing the impact of verbal abuse on people is the goal of this shocking new communication campaign! Summary. Therefore, Words can kill: Armando Testa’s communication campaign denouncing. Verbal abuse! Racism, prejudice and insults are staged in 4 shocking visuals to Guatemala Phone Numbers List the impact of certain words on the people targeted. These words can have more negative effects than certain gestures on the people who are victimized. Therefore, We all know that violence does not stop at physical violence. Verbal violence can sometimes do more harm than physical violence, this is exactly what the Armando Testa agency wanted to transcribe in this new campaign. Communication.

What is the objective of this new shock communication campaign? The main objective of the Armando. Testa agency’s “Words can kill” campaign is to raise public. Awareness of the scope and impact of their words. In other words, Young people are one of the main targets of this shock communication campaign. “Say no to racism, discrimination, prejudice and gratuitous insults! The “Word scan kill” print campaign brilliantly illustrates the impact of racism. Insults and prejudice on the people who are victims of it! Words can kill “Nigger”! Words can kill nigga. The Armando Testa agency wishes here to make think people who pronounce racist remarks in front of people of colour. Treating a Negro person of colour can hurt them deeper than a physical assault, the illustration speaks for itself

Words Can Kill: Armando Testa’S Communication Campaign Denouncing Verbal Abuse!

The slogan “Say no to discrimination, we are all the same” accompanies the poster. Words can kill “Terrorist”! Words can kill Terrorist Prejudices are also one of the targets of this communication campaign. In other words, One should not equate the physical appearance of an entire community with. Therefore, The evil deeds of a minority of people who physically resemble them. Words can kill “Thief”! Therefore,  Words can kill Thief In this print, the Italian agency is once again attacking a prejudice. That people of Roma origin commit more thefts than others. Therefore, Words can kill “Fatty”! Words can kill Big On this poster, Armando Testa tackles gratuitous insults. Calling someone “Fat” can hurt them very deeply, sometimes more than a purely physical attack!

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What Is The Objective Of This New Shock Communication Campaign

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