Why a negative persona?

Mapping Positive Personas [online course] It can be difficult to paint a clear picture of personas yourself. Would you like to learn more from Benthe and discover how to use your persona to develop content and sales pages? In an online course of 1 hour you get the right tools to get started. View the course! Instagram is pre-eminently an inspiration and marketing channel. An Instagram account cannot do without images. If you don’t make the images yourself, what are you allowed to use and share from others?

That’s how you do it right

New on Frankwatching 10 Effective Video Formats For Every Business. For Don’t be sneaked up by sneak words vr Why you sometimes want more friction with UX and behavioral change vr What do we think about remote working? A dive into the numbers do This is how you Taiwan Phone Number create balance in your LinkedIn content [+ 51 ideas] do There is no consensus among users about what should or should not be allowed, even though we like to think that it is. The terms of Instagram and the law are clearer, but they don’t work for everyone, so they don’t adhere to them.

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Use the features within Instagram

In short: what are others allowed to use and when can you stop others from using your content? Starting point: not your own, do not use The basic principle of both the conditions of Instagram and the Copyright Act is that you may only publish content that you have created yourself. Or rather: what you yourself are the copyright owner of or for which you have a valid license. Anything is allowed with permission. Fortunately, there are some exceptions. Exceptions according to Instagram By creating an account, you must agree to the terms. There are therefore agreements between you and Instagram.

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