Why a negative persona?

You can use the following questions for this. What personal traits does your negative persona have? → For example: not ambitious, unclear goals, independant, slow, dependent, desperate. Does not take responsibility What behavior does your negative persona exhibit? → For example: always late, asking for free tips and advice, always tired, joking How can you recognize this negative persona? What questions will this negative persona ask you? → For example: “Do you have any tips?”, just slide into your DMs or inbox with a free advice question Finally, give your negative persona a name and fill in any demographic information.

Create a negative persona

Extra tip: make sure you choose a name of someone you don’t know in real life. Otherwise you will suddenly hate them ;-). Why a ? If you take the time to create a negative persona, you’ll be more likely to spot non-ideal customers. And the sooner you recognize South Africa Phone Number a , the more time you can spend on warming up your ideal customers. In addition, creating a can also give you additional insights about your ideal customer.

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What is a negative persona?

If you apparently find it annoying that your Bertha wants you to be available for her day and night, you can add to your ideal customer “respects the days and hours on which I am available.” Because you get to know your ideal customer even better, you can improve your marketing communications and target them even better. Also read: Love for the customer! This is how you use personas for better marketing My Bertha As an example I would like to tell you more about my Bertha.

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