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Homepage Articles Technology Why do emoji and symbols show a square box or a question mark? Why do emoji and symbols display a square box or a question mark? Posted: 2020-05-20 The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit organization that maintains a unique code point for every Luxembourg B2B List symbol and character. Operating systems and applications interpret these Unicode code points and allow you to type. There are 1,114,112 code points available in Unicode while only 143,859 are assigned to specific characters as of Unicode version 13.0. Even with these 143K codes, many symbols and characters will still display a square or a question mark. Here are the reasons why you place a square or a question mark instead of symbols. Copy Paste Emoji Twitter Emoji facebook emoji.

Understand How a Character

Before going any further, it is necessary to understand how applications display characters when you type. Indeed, the same process works for all characters, including symbols that have a Unicode code point. Number apps work with 1 and 0. Therefore, the app converts the Unicode point of a character into binary code and stores it. When you open a file that contains a character, your computer interprets the binary code into a visible symbol. For this there are many mapping standards available called character encoding. Process steps in character display Process steps in character display The common character encoding is UTF-8 (Unicode 8-bit transformation format).

Operating System Language

Luxembourg B2B List
Luxembourg B2B List

If a stage goes wrong, the character will appear as a square box, question mark, or junk. Dollar Emoji showing as question mark Dollar Emoji showing as question mark 1. Use UTF-8 character encoding The most likely reason you’re seeing a square box is that the app doesn’t support the Unicode codepoint. When an application like Word or Excel cannot interpret the code point, it will display a square box indicating the incompatibility or you will see unwanted characters. Below is an example of how the bullets look when the document is not compatible.

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