Why do people not But Even if a Person Accidentally Steps

On the doors of some shops there are signs with the words “Caution, steps!”. This is done so that people do not stumble and are not seriously injured. But even if a person accidentally steps, he manages to keep the balance and remain intact. It did not seem to be against it – this is super, well, the human body! Only here the scientists here can not look at such amazing conditions that save life. They should know why. Recently, researchers from Australia conducted an experiment, and they forced people to stumble.


At That Time Scientists


Followed the muscles of volunteers using special equipment. As a result of an unusual experiment, they managed to find out which muscles are involved in managing balance. So let’s fill the piggy bank with knowledge about the structure of our body? About the unusual experiment was Italy Phone Number announced in the Scientific Affairs of the Royal Public Society B. The researchers visited a group of 10 adults and healthy people and forced them to stumble. Keep it very simple. People were asked to jump on the platform to measure the punishing force. But sometimes this stage was removed without warning and the participants of the experiment were suddenly surprised by themselves. But at the same time, they kept the balance, that is, their bodies quickly showed danger and avoided injuries. Since there are various devices on people, scientists were able to identify which muscles were affected during the Fall.

During the Study


Italy Phone Number


Of the obtained data, scientists came to a very interesting conclusion. When walking, the calf muscles and leg muscles are rotated. But when a person suddenly begins to fall, they lose weight at the same time. As a result, it is thought that people are unable to avoid falling because of these two muscle groups. Of this, at least, Australian scientists are now certain. The researchers also noted that during the fall, the brain moves faster and the leg muscles are better and energy is removed, which is very useful to maintain balance.


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