Why Is My Access Denied

Many users complain that Google frequently shows that I am not a reCaptcha verification robot and blocks the use of search. Many websites nowadays Peru WhatsApp Number List block users based on different criteria. Generally, you will see the “Access Denied” message on the browser with or without explanation. Some sites like Google will block and ask you to verify that you are a human user. Here are some of the reasons why you cannot access a particular website on the internet and the possible solutions. Google Search CAPTCHA Verification Google Search CAPTCHA Verification What is blocking? Many countries, organizations and educational institutions block websites for different reasons. For example, you cannot access social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter in China. Similarly, schools and colleges restrict social access inside the campus as a student control policy.

Accessing a Particular Website

Here are some of the reasons why your access is blocked for certain websites: Malicious behavior of your IP address Geo-blocking by website owner You click pages with super fast Using anonymous access through a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy JavaScript disabled on your browser Conflicting extensions preventing JavaScript from running 1. Wrong IP address Website owners track traffic data and take action whenever there is malicious activity from a particular IP address. For example, maybe you are trying to leave a lot of spammy comments with a link to your website.

Blocking Javascript

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Peru WhatsApp Number List

There are automatic tools to detect spam and block your IP when the threshold is reached. The problem here is that many ISPs share the IP address with multiple people. Therefore, someone sharing your IP address can do malicious things. 2. Geo-blocking Unfortunately, website owners can block all IP addresses from certain countries from accessing their sites. This happens with China, Russia and a few other countries from where a lot of spam happens. If you live there and do a legitimate job, there aren’t many options other than using a VPN. Site blocked with geo-blocking Site blocked with geo-blocking 3. Very fast or routine browsing behavior You will be surprise to know that malicious bots are crawling the websites to get confidential information.

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