Why Is My WordPress Admin Dashboard Running

Managing a WordPress site is not an easy task. One of the pain issues with WordPress is working with the slow admin dashboard. This will affect your productivity as you have to work regularly on the admin panel to Argentina B2B List publish content. If you’re struggling with a slow admin dashboard, here are some reasons and tips to speed it up. Related: Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Admin Panel. WordPress backend and frontend Remember we are talking about optimizing the admin panel which is the backend of your site. If you’re looking to optimize page load time, check out our article on things that could be killing your frontend speed. The WordPress backend uses styles and scripts from the wp-admin folder to load admin functions. You can check the contents of the wp-admin folder by downloading the WordPress package.

Dashboard and Post Editor

Check internet connection Bad hosting Disable dashboard widgets Disable options with Screen Options Avoid using heavy themes and plugins Clean the database Disable Heartbeat API Upgrade PHP and WordPress Check caching setting Reinstall WordPress admin 1. Blocked or slow connection The first thing you should check when you notice a slow WordPress admin panel is to check your internet connection. A slow internet connection will affect the loading of administration scripts and take a long time to load. Make sure you are using a strong Wi-Fi network or cable to connect your computer to the Internet. 2. Bad Hosting Many of us believe that hosting, plugins, and themes will affect the front-end loading time of the WordPress site.

Disable Dashboard Widget

Argentina B2B List
Argentina B2B List

However, the truth is that factors like poor hosting will strongly affect the backend over the frontend. Unlike front-end pages, the WordPress backend is not cached. This means that each page is loaded by retrieving data from the database. Therefore, the backend speed is highly dependent on the hosting power which allows you to fetch and load data quickly. Using poor hosting will impact speed, which is especially true for larger websites using shared hosting. If you’re getting good traffic, consider moving to the cloud or a dedicated server. This will help the users to load the frontend pages faster and you will also be able to use the admin dashboard without any problem.

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