Why the French No Longer Have Confidence

We have been the trust agency for over 20 years thanks to our Trust Barometer , which analyzes citizens’ trust in businesses, public institutions, the media China WhatsApp Number and NGOs. It is a great tool for analyzing and steering the action of organizations in their interactions with their audiences. We have great ambitions in the months to come, since tech is now at the crossroads of all the major issues, whether economic, ecological or societal.

How Is Tech Perceived by the French Today?

It is an eminently complex relationship! Historically, in our Trust Barometer. The technology sector is the sector that garners the highest level of trust in the world. But a shift took place 2 years ago. It great eroded, since only 57% of French people trust it in 2021, compared to 63% in 2020 and 73% in 2019. This drop in confidence in tech is observe in all developed countries and even in some emerging countries.

Digital Technology

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Yes, during the pandemic, technology has enabled society to be resilient. As well as, Digital has made it possible to maintain economic activity in certain sectors, work and distance learning have become democratized. The French have maintained the link with their loved ones and have devoted themselves to digital leisure. Technology has enabled the acceleration of vaccine research through the cloud and artificial intelligence. And it’s a paradox: the more obvious the benefits, the greater the mistrust.

in addition, How do you explain this distrust of disruptive technologies?

How can tech companies regain the trust of the French?
Speeches and commitments are no longer enough, it is now actions that matter to citizens. They must therefore demonstrate transparency and take initiatives on subjects that matter to citizens: sustainable development.  AI and automation, the fight against racism, the digital divide. We must act first and then communicate.



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