Why Users Prefer Classic Editor

If you started using WordPress in the last couple of years, you might not be familiar with the classic editor. WordPress used the classic editor interface for Iran WhatsApp Number List years before replacing it with the Gutenberg block editor. At first, Gutenberg was available as a plugin, then it became part of WordPress core with version 5.0. Although a few years have passed after the introduction of Gutenberg, many users still stick with the old classic editor. It doesn’t look like WordPress will be getting rid of the classic editor completely anytime soon as well. In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Gutenberg and classic editors. Contents Using the Gutenberg Block Editor Customizing the Gutenberg Editor Blocks, patterns and library Gutenberg Vs Classic.

Using the Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg is the block editor interface introduced in WordPress version 5.0. It replaced the previous version of the Classic editor with much expectation. However, it failed to meet users’ expectations due to slow interface, lack of drag-and-drop feel, and insufficient blocks. Currently, all WordPress development is focused on improving the Gutenberg editor interface in terms of speed and block count. You can access the editor by going to “Posts Add New” or “Pages Add New” in your admin panel. The Gutenberg editor offers all the basic blocks like paragraphs, tables, buttons, third-party integrations, and more.

Using the Classic Editor

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Iran WhatsApp Number List

Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg Editor Customizing the Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg is suppose to focus on content creation without relying on third-party page builder plugins. It offers many options compared to the classic editor. You can access all settings by clicking the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the editor. For example, you can remove clutter using the following two options.It was a simple HTML editor where you can easily enter content and format it. You can switch between Text and Visual modes to see content and HTML source code respectively. However, the classic editor lacked basic elements such as tables and social icons. Unfortunately, people who worked with the classic editor for years don’t like the new block editor. This is stat with the classic editor plugin has over 5 million active install years after removing it from the WordPress core.

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