Why You Shouldn’t Use Browser

Browsers are the interface to explore the Internet for a long time. Although mobile apps have taken the lead on this front, browsers are still unavoidable Estonia WhatsApp Number List when using desktop computers. Most browsers like Chrome offer basic functionality to explore websites and find the details you need. However, you need to install extensions in order to get additional functions. If you can’t live without browser extensions, read further on why you shouldn’t use them. Topics Covered Browser extension functions Why You Shouldn’t Use Browser Extensions 1. Tracking all browsing activity 2. Collection of Usage and Personal Details 3. Slow down your browser 4. Conflict with browser updates 5. Act like adware or malware How do I manage extensions and Safe Browsing?

Browser Extension Functions

There are no limits for the extended function that an extension can add to the browser. Here are some typical examples: Blocking ads on websites Customize new tab page and browser appearance Inserting custom features like emoji, stylish fonts, etc. Simplify your workflow like attending class sessions, taking screenshots, etc. Entertainment and shopping extensions that target e-commerce users. The list will go on and even apps like Microsoft Office have a browser extension for Edge to edit documents online. Why You Shouldn’t Use Browser Extensions You can use extensions in Chrome and Edge from the Chrome Web Store. Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers have their own store to find and install extensions.

Tracking All Browsing Activity

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Estonia WhatsApp Number List

However, many users do not pay attention to the details that the extension collects during installation. Ignoring and clicking “Yes” or “Accept” to all questions will not only create problems for your browser, but will also affect your entire computer. Each time you install an extension, it is necessary to confirm access details. Most browser extensions like ad blockers need full access to work properly. This basically means that the extension with full access can view all of your browsing activities. It includes login information when you use your bank account. Although popular extensions do not record these details, this is not necessarily the case with all extensions. For example in Chrome, you can click on the extension icon and check the access permission. As you see in the Adblock Plus example below, the extension has full access to view and edit site information.

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