Wiit’s recipe for constantly updated skills on banking threats

The approach called Intelligent Security Awareness, implemented in a USA Phone Number online bank, includes three modules: Skills, Knowledge, and KPI control. After an initial assessment of skills. The path to follow is outlined for each employee based on the starting level with a view to continuous training. To stay up to date and ready to respond to new threats

How the training platform works

Train and strengthen employee skills against USA Phone Number Social Engineering (SEA). Attacks with practical training and strengthen Cyber ​​Security skills. This is the heart of the Intelligent Security Awareness solution (finalist in the Digital360 Awards 2020 for the Cybersecurity – Security category). Implemented by Witt in an Italian online bank. The objective, in practice, is to provide the necessary skills to recognize the tactics and techniques used by the seas.

Managing Cyber ​​Security means remembering the USA Phone Number. The human factor is the weak link (there are several cases in which criminal. That it is not enough to rely on IT solutions. This is why the Bank has decided to focus on the creation of a Risk-Aware Culture. With the aim of keeping employees constantly.

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