Will Wp Rocket Work With Siteground

SiteGround is one of the popular hosting companies recommended by the official WordPress community. Earlier, there were two options in SiteGround for Canada Business Fax List caching site content. You need to configure Supercacher in cPanel and then use the SG Optimizer plugin on your WordPress site. However, it was only for caching purposes and many other optimization options were missing. This leads to the use of other plugins like WP Rocket which offer full optimization to speed up your site. Related: SG Optimize plugin review. Recent SiteGround Updates In recent days, SiteGround has changed the whole caching and infrastructure with so many updates. They have included additional functionality in the SG Optimizer plugin so you can do everything from the plugin and don’t need any additional caching plugins like WP Rocket. Here are some of SiteGround’s updates:

Optimizer and Wp Rocket

When you have both plugins on your site, the pages are cached by both plugins. However, SiteGround uses NGINX cache delivery and WP Rocket uses file-based page-level caching. When a visitor views a page, it first loads from the NGINX cache from the SiteGround server. If the server cache is not available, WP Rocket will serve the plugin side cache. WP Rocket claims that it works with all three levels of SiteGround caching – NGINX Direct Delivery (Static), Dynamic, and Memcached. However, when you have WP Rocket, dynamic and Memcached options will not work in SG Optimizer.

Feature Overlap in Wp Rocket

Canada Business Fax List
Canada Business Fax List

You should use dynamic/Memcached on a plugin to avoid both plugins trying to add “advanced-cache.php” and “object-cache.php” files. When WP Rocket is active, SG Optimizer will automatically disable the Memcached option even if you enable it in the settings page. Dynamic cache not working Dynamic cache not working Related: WP Rocket Caching Plugin Review. Feature overlap in WP Rocket and SG Optimizer The biggest issue when using WP Rocket and SG Optimizer plugins on the same site is to avoid using overlapping functionality. SG Optimizer is continually updated to pick up optimization features from WP Rocket. Here are the overlapping features that you should disable in any of the plugins:

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